Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more.
- Oscar Wilde

Me in June 2020

— est. 2001. —

My name is Michael, and I am a 20 year old geography student, currently in my second year. I mainly live in Bonn, no question one of the many beautiful cities of Central Europe.

You might know me as a person from the internet, perhaps even from real life. Maybe I suggested you reading my website in person, or you’ve seen me on the Fediverse or on IRC.

What am I doing?

My approach to interests is comparable to those of generalists. I have many interests that I would like to seperate in those of compassion, of major interests to self-education and the ones of profession.


  • cooking
  • gardening
  • crafting
  • classical guitar
  • volunteering in civil protection
  • photography
  • bicycling
  • low-tech

major interests

  • physics
  • medicine
  • philosophical and political literature
  • pure and applied economics (mainly MMT)


  • geography, to be more precise: medical geography, hydrology, geophysics, meteorology, and GIS

Who do I want to become?

I know that nothing is absolute.

However, I can strive to ideals, and to go as far as possible. This ideal I would like to follow is mental clarity. In difference to concepts like hustle culture and meritocracies, mental clarity does not seek to be as productive and successful, but to be as content and be clear minded about decisions and ones own life. Right now, I see this possibilities by achieving these long-term “goals”:

  • I want to detach myself from the idea of hustle culture and embrace principles like SOFA without feeling guilty.
  • I would like to use technology only in a minimalistic, reduced, and sustainable way. Just to use it as a tool of necessity, and not as a primary source of entertainment.
  • Living autarkic to some extent.
  • A nutritious, balanced vegan or vegetarian diet, being aware of what I eat.
  • Finding a passion I could live by every day.
  • […] to be continued?

Short information about this website

The reason why this website exists, is easy. In my opinion, I really like it when people create their own space on this medium without having to play with the boundaries big tech monopolies give them, and to combine their different ways of self-expression without using different web services, that seem to be “free”, but selling your data to advertisement companies. I liked to do the same. It seemed way more unique and interesting to read different blogs on the web, than to scroll my endless long, uninteresting feeds on Twitter or Instagram affecting my own mental health. In short: it is my strategy of escapism from surveillance capitalism.

I will mainly write blog posts and create wiki entries to many different topics. The wiki is mainly a mnemonic device for myself, but you are free to use it as well, as it is open for everyone for inspiration and such.


This website is stupid as it could go. It is just html with some CSS to make it bearable to look at. I intend to use no cookies or javascript, never. It only could be that neocities, the provider, collects something here or there. Unfortunately, I have no influence on this, and I take no responsibility until I am able to switch to my own server.


  • I live inside the Fediverse, in the town of Merveilles: Nihiltarian
  • If I know you, you probably got my number or Telegram name.
  • IRC: I am also dwelling in #merveilles on esper.net

fun facts

  • i like trains, like, a lot. Just look at the TGV Sud-Est, it is such a beauty.